25 Nov 2019

GMB Toll Free Phone Support is GONE!!!

When trying to call Google my business for some guidance and help, you would normally get a live person that would answer questions and direct you down the path of least resistance i.e. following Googles Best Practices…NOW Google has decided to end this feature.

06 Nov 2019

Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads

A large consideration when it comes to implementing the next level of marketing for your business is whether to place ads on Google, Facebook or possibly both? The easiest way to solve this question is to first dissect how each platform operates as far...

25 Oct 2019

Why you shouldn’t be running your own ads.

When it comes to generating interest and leads for your business, there are many roads that you can go down as a business owner. In our experience as a digital marketing agency, we have noticed a tendency for business owners to bypass PPC agencies...